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Cleaning Guidelines for Ndura™

General Cleaning

A clean cotton or microfiber cloth saturated with a mixture of warm water (99%) and a mild, nonabrasive di h washing detergent (l %) can be used to clean, wiping in a vertical movement with light pressure.
Disinfecting Ndura™ Surface:
Using a clean microfiber cloth saturated with a solution of water (90%) and bleach (10%) is suggested to disinfect Ndura.

Approved & recommended cleaning agents

  • Windex®
  • Clorox®
  • Simple Green®
  • Formula 409®
  • Fantastic® antibacterial with Lemon Power®

All agent should be applied with a clean cotton or microfiber cloth, and wiping in a vertical motion with light pressure. Always read and follow the direction specified on the label of agent packaging. (Mixing agents is not suggested)

Cleaning agents/detergents should NOT contain

Aromatic hydrocarbons, ester, ketones, halogenated hydrocarbon or alcohol above 25%. Vinegar-based detergents should NOT BE USED.

  • No solvent (e.g. Paint thinners, turpentine, etc.)
  • No abrasive detergents (e.g. Baking soda etc.)
  • No furniture polish
  • No denatured alcohols (e.g. white spirit, etc.)
  • No cleaner in combination with a brush or scrubbing
  • Use of brushes and scouring pads is not suggested

* Information taken from Surface Source International – Guideline for Klockner Pentaplast Pentadecor3D Laminate Film, Care & Cleaning

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